Community Resources

From Mad Gender Science!

We're gonna put all the community resources here, and link to them from the hitchhiker's guides below. This is the main haven for external links.

World health map This map will show you what resources you have in your country, or region, or community. It will show you how to find help. It will list websites, chatrooms, forums, organizations, NGOs, rights, etc.
Translations This'll connect you with other people who speak your language, eventually. The talk page will guide translating the articles to different languages, hopefully!
How to access hormones Here's how to hook yourself up with hormones, legally, and how to safely check that the hormones you buy are good, if you're doing DIY.
Dodging gatekeepers How you can get past gatekeepers, and get what you need to be happy. Mascara and hope, basically, but for more countries than the UK, and more intersections.
Choosing a surgeon How to vet your surgeon, lists and comparisons, warning signs and good omens.
Finding your community You don't have to be alone. Nobody should ever have to be alone. But it's scary. Hopefully here we can give you ways of connecting to your local community and finding support.
Staying safe Everything about physical safety, shelter from abuse, ways to get out of bad situations and watching your back.
Staying sane Mental health is super important when transitioning, and a lot of stuff is changing. Trans people have very high rates of co-existing mental illnesses. This page has mental health and well-being tips, as well as lots of links out.
Legal Pointers to all the legal resources you need, mostly through external organizations.