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Hi! I'm the creator of this wiki, and I seem to have Ehlers-Danlos. If you're trans, and you have Ehlers-Danlos, you should definitely read this! These are my notes on HRT:


Most EDSers have POTS, which features low blood volume, translating to lowered blood pressure, but high pulse, because the body has to pump super hard to make the most of the pints of blood you've got. Spironolactone also reduces blood volume[1], so the combination can lead to increased dizziness and a very active pulse.

If you take spiro, tell your doctor that POTS is a contraindication for spiro, and ask for a better anti-androgen. If you're in a country that has to worry about insurance, you should still be covered - another more expensive drug will be deemed medically necessary, and you'll get special approval for coverage.