Finding access to hormones

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Medical clinics around the world practice varying levels of gatekeeping, ranging from informed consent (you want hormones? just sign here!) to 1+ year of Real-Life Experience (RLE), signed statements by psychiatrists, blood sacrifices etc. HRT may be entirely inaccessible or dangerous to request in some countries, which is why DIY is a thing.

United Kingdom

Mascara and Hope is a delightfully salty guide to navigating the waters of HRT and GRS in the UK.

United States

Go directly to an endocrinologist, preferably one who practices Informed Consent. Look for endocrinologists who practice the WPATH standards of care, and who have actually had trans patients before. If nobody around you practices informed consent, ask the endocrinologist what prereqs they require before starting hormones. If they require a letter of recommendation for therapy, or a formal diagnosis of gender dysphoria from a mental health professional, look for trans-friendly providers in your area.

List of Informed-Consent Clinics

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