Gender Science

From Mad Gender Science!
Blood tests and staying safe DIY harm reduction! Critical, urgent safety tips.
Drug interactions List of all the medication interactions.
Intersex conditions A category landing page for all the intersex conditions, how to work with them and how to alter them if you want.
What's going on in my brain? Everything to do with neurosteroids, the neurological basis of gender dysphoria, etc.
Molecular mechanisms Everything about the signaling pathways, how they interact with each other, and how transition changes that.
Endocrine 101 Everything you wanted to know about the endocrine system, but were afraid to ask. Try hard not to overlap with Wikipedia here - we want to focus on trans endocrinology.
Voice How does voice work in gender? How does larynx cartilege change with testosterone? How does voice training work?
Lab notebooks These are collections of different peoples' note pages. It will also have a way for people to request research!
HRT Everything there is to know about hormone replacement therapy! There will probably be a few community-specific pages (transmasculine, transfeminine, non-binary and intersex) but these articles should share as much as they can.
Surgery! All of the technical info on surgery, different techniques, what doctors are known to practice what methods, etc.