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European Union


Belgian trans surgery is considered very good (depending on the surgeon.) Many people in the Netherlands go to Belgium for surgery, despite the longer waiting lists!

Note, Belgium has a central site for trans health resources and info.


Real Life Test? No
Psychiatrist approval? Yes currently? The law is changing next year. Should be much more accessible then.
Informed consent? Unclear.


Here are centers for trans care in Belgium:

Name Region Gatekeeping Policy For Services Wait list Description
Ghent University Hospital for Sexology and Gender Ghent Set by law, see above. All enby + trans HRT, FFS, SRS, hair removal, psychiatry First appointment, for initial talk: >9 months. Very comprehensive care for all trans people. Excellent SRS, in particular.
2Pass Clinic Antwerp Set by law, see above. Trans women only. Voice therapy, HRT, hair removal, plastic surgery (only FFS/BA for trans women.) Voice therapy: None, HRT: ~1 month. They promise to make you pass, apparently! Probably a good place if you're focused on passing!

External Content

Here's a detailed description of healthcare of the pipeline in Belgium.