Hormonal breast enhancement

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Highly-Experimental Research

PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! This is highly experimental and incredibly dangerous stuff.
Though if you are a professional looking for some new research idea, then by all means you're welcome to use our hypothesis in a study. ❤

Estradiol by itself doesn't stimulate breast development. IGF-1 acts in concert with estradiol to build breast tissue and determine final breast size. In essence, estradiol pulls the steering wheel towards "breasts", and IGF-1 slams the gas pedal.[1] In fact, IGF-1 is the strongest determinant of breast size as measured during the follicular phase of cisgender women.[2]

Risks of increasing IGF-1

Acromegaly, a masculinizing pronouncement of facial bone structure, is caused by abnormally high levels of IGF-1.

IGF-1 has been linked to breast cancer.

IGF-1 Levels

Naturally increasing IGF-1

Artificially increasing IGF-1

  • Mk-677 amplifies the production of IGF-1, rather than simply increasing production by a constant level. This means that the body's natural cycle of IGF-1 production will only be heightened, with higher peaks. This drug has been under clinical investigation for some time, however its primary use is bodybuilders.

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