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This wiki has a major discoverability problem! And with so few pages, alas. They're all stuck together like a ball of twine!

So the first project is untangling. We will create a few little nooks (portals) to organize sections of the wiki around. They're all listed here, and hitting (and expanding!) all of them is one chore on the wheel! Here's the portals we need to construct, kind and brave helper!


This will be a research library, indexing and catologuing all the papers that are useful to us on the tree. We'll need a trusty librarian to tame and garden this tree. Here's what it's gonna be made of:

Glossary Glossary of all the terms we use. We'll try to link heavily to other sites and keep the important terms (the ones trans and questioning people need) up top.
Research requests Anyone can submit a request, to find a study that shows X or talks about Y.
Catalogue tree Tree of categories of research papers, ideally in a single super-article.
Lending library We want to give everyone access to these papers. Unfortunately, a lot of them are behind paywalls. The lending library will hook you up with papers and ideally directly-link free sources for full content.
Gender science timeline Chronologically-ordered list of breakthrough new treatments in trans health, constantly being appended. We might want to link this from the main page as well.

The librarian should also do some wiki-wrangling: making sure all the content is discoverable and accessible. The library will also lead the charge on creating new portals, restructuring the wiki around these portals, and organizing the main page.

Gender Science

Blood tests and staying safe DIY harm reduction! Critical, urgent safety tips.
Drug interactions List of all the medication interactions.
Intersex conditions A category landing page for all the intersex conditions, how to work with them and how to alter them if you want.
What's going on in my brain? Everything to do with neurosteroids, the neurological basis of gender dysphoria, etc.
Molecular mechanisms Everything about the signaling pathways, how they interact with each other, and how transition changes that.
Endocrine 101 Everything you wanted to know about the endocrine system, but were afraid to ask. Try hard not to overlap with Wikipedia here - we want to focus on trans endocrinology.
Voice How does voice work in gender? How does larynx cartilege change with testosterone? How does voice training work?
Lab notebooks These are collections of different peoples' note pages. It will also have a way for people to request research!
HRT Everything there is to know about hormone replacement therapy! There will probably be a few community-specific pages (transmasculine, transfeminine, non-binary and intersex) but these articles should share as much as they can.
Surgery! All of the technical info on surgery, different techniques, what doctors are known to practice what methods, etc.

Mad Gender Science

Moonshot science projects! This will mostly be an unorganized zoo:

Mad science notebooks These are collections of notes about the various mad science projects and topics.
Ideas Brainstorms go here.
Projects List of various mad science projects. Each should have a main page, and as many other pages as you want.

Community Resources

We're gonna put all the community resources here, and link to them from the hitchhiker's guides below. This is the main haven for external links.

World health map This map will show you what resources you have in your country, or region, or community. It will show you how to find help. It will list websites, chatrooms, forums, organizations, NGOs, rights, etc.
Translations This'll connect you with other people who speak your language, eventually. The talk page will guide translating the articles to different languages, hopefully!
How to access hormones Here's how to hook yourself up with hormones, legally, and how to safely check that the hormones you buy are good, if you're doing DIY.
Dodging gatekeepers How you can get past gatekeepers, and get what you need to be happy. Mascara and hope, basically, but for more countries than the UK, and more intersections.
Choosing a surgeon How to vet your surgeon, lists and comparisons, warning signs and good omens.
Finding your community You don't have to be alone. Nobody should ever have to be alone. But it's scary. Hopefully here we can give you ways of connecting to your local community and finding support.
Staying safe Everything about physical safety, shelter from abuse, ways to get out of bad situations and watching your back.
Staying sane Mental health is super important when transitioning, and a lot of stuff is changing. Trans people have very high rates of co-existing mental illnesses. This page has mental health and well-being tips, as well as lots of links out.
Legal Pointers to all the legal resources you need, mostly through external organizations.

Hitchhiker's Guides

These guides are simply portals into articles, for different audiences. These are only landing pages, linking to the rest of the wiki.

Intersectionalism tells us that there's no way we can make progress if we split off our different, intersecting, communities. Therefore, all articles should be written for a binary, non-binary and intersex audience. Talk pages or articles which give special support to a particular community are exempt, of course, for instance articles on Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

Questioning Corner

This will contain a bunch of resources, baby trans stuff, answers to allay common concerns. Coming out is really scary! We really, really want to make this site as accessible as possible for anyone starting to catch the gender wobbles.

Transfeminine Hitchhiker's Guide

This will be the portal for anyone transitioning medically towards feminine. This includes trans and intersex women, non-binary transfeminine folks and AFAB trans people who want to feminize. The bent of this portal will be decidedly binary, but accessible to non-binary people as well. However, non-binary users will have their own guide.

Transmasculine Hitchhiker's Guide

Mirror universe clone of the above. We might want to see if we could group both of these into a single "binary" portal, and then have a separate non-binary portal. Expect this to change.

Enby Hitchhiker's Guide

This wonderful, amazing portal will have all the medical info for enby people! We're decidedly underserved in the medical community, so this and the intersex community, as well as disabled and unprivileged trans people, need the most love.

Intersex Hitchhiker's Guide

This guide will contain intersex health articles, links to community resources and knowledge. It should help you understand where you're at, where your body's at, and how to work with it to get where you want to be, wherever that is.

Main Page

The main page needs a way for all these portals to be discoverable. Here's what it should have, I think:

  • Info boxes for each portal, different colors with a few representative links.
  • Common info, tips for newbies, things for questioning folks.
  • Article of the Week!
  • Did you know? a section with a few surprising trans facts (e.g. post-op trans women may need pap smears and cervical cancer screenings!) These will include links to articles.

Emergency alerts

Site-wide banners will warn people of emergencies, such as a political crackdown on trans people in a region, a drug mix-up or impurity by a DIY (or legit) pharmacy, or a provider doing something problematic.

So we'll have:

  • Alert banner across the site, tracking recent events.
  • Talk page, which is reused and appended, for communication during an emergency.
  • External link, in the alert, citing a news article or the primary source (or reasonably good hearsay, in vague-ish terms, as the case permits.)
  • Perhaps a mailing list or something in the future.


Fun is so important!!!! Oh my gosh you all!

  • Archives of all the trans webcomics.
  • Meme pages!