Naturally occurring masculinizing HRT

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Highly-Experimental Research

PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! This is highly experimental and incredibly dangerous stuff.
Though if you are a professional looking for some new research idea, then by all means you're welcome to use our hypothesis in a study. ❤

This is not a Guide

We strive to provide non-biased, well cited, and accurate information, but this wiki is written by people who may or may not be professionals.
Therefore this is not medical advice, and any information you find here should be verified through professional sources before regarding it as fact. ❤

Naturally occurring androgenic substances

  • Royal jelly [1]
  • Pine Pollen [2]
  • Psoralea drupacea (Drupanol) [3] *this plant is known to be toxic [4] * this plant also contains the antiandrogen "bakuchiol" [5]
  • Pfaffia paniculata [6] * this plant also increased estrogen and progesterones levels in the cited study.
  • Eucommia ulmoides [7]
  • Alpinia galanga [8]

Potential Risks

Extended treatment with some non-synthetic sources of hormone replacement therapy is highly experimental and very little is known about it's long term effects. In the case of phyto- or xeno- hormones some are so obscure that it could be difficult to test for their blood concentration levels and thus proper regulation of dosage is impaired. In addition, dosage regulation is further impaired unless a proper extraction of the active constituent(s) is made, as the amount of substance in a given organism can vary batch to batch.


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