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This library is curated by LilianaUmbra- a freelance research librarian, who has a ko-fi people can donate to if you wish to support and continue the existence of this resource - please give what you can!

The "Papers" page is a library of up to date research papers on subjects which you may find useful when creating articles for us, or doing your own studies. In addition, there is also some helpful instructions on several ways to gain access to any papers you may need.

If you have any questions about our library you should contact LilianaUmbra. You can find her most up-to-date collection of papers on a google doc as this page is managed in periodic batches.

The library currently contains 671 papers!

Getting access

Journal articles are frequently paywalled, requiring an obscene ~$40 per article to see anything besides their abstracts. Here's some ways around:

  • If you're a student, your university should have journal access for all IPs on its network. If you make friends with a student, you could ask to borrow their login.
  • Even if you're not a student, you can often get a library card at a university library. University library computers will have journal access, so if the library is open to the public you can surf there and save articles to a USB stick.
  • Sci-Hub is a proxy that circumvents paywalls for journal access. You can tack "" on the end of the domain name for a URL you want to access. For instance, if you wanted to go to "", change it to "". Note that sci-hub is frequently under attack and the legality of using it varies by region.
  • Due to the volatile nature of which domains are working for sci-hub currently, if any links are broken simply replace the domain of the link with a working one. .se works as of 18/01/2021.
  • The Sci-Hub Links extension for Chrome and Firefox can be used to automatically translate DOI to sci-hub links.
  • Library Genesis has a repository of scientific papers. Unlike Sci-Hub, it does not let you access papers that don't already exist in the LibGen repository. However, it is a useful backup if Sci-Hub is down, as Sci-Hub stores a copy of every paper it downloads to LibGen.
  • The r/scholar subreddit lets you post requests for articles. Volunteers will find and upload articles for you, bypassing the paywall.
  • Arxiv hosts free pre-publication articles, but very few in the biology realm.

Finding more papers

  • Google Scholar indexes articles, shows citations and "cited bys", impact factor etc.
  • Pubmed offers more granular search options.

Transition related healthcare


Hormone replacement therapy

Gender Affirming Surgery

Sexual/Reproductive health

Vocal therapy/surgery

Risk assessment

Top surgery and binding


Hormone replacement therapy

Gender affirming surgery

Sexual/Reproductive health

Vocal therapy / surgery

Risk assessment

Facial feminization surgery


Non-binary / genderqueer

Demographic studies / population analysis

Mental health

Gender affirming surgery


Bone health

Reproductive health

Hormone replacement therapy

Risk assessment

Evaluation and assessment

Body contouring

Facial modification

Interpersonal relationships & sexuality












Fulvestrant-3-boronic acid



GnRH Agonists

Biological mechanisms



DMRT1/SOX9 + FOXL2/WNT-4/β-catenin

Androgen receptors

Estrogen receptors


Standards of care & practice guidelines


Professional resources & patient care



Sports & Exercise