Peer review

From Mad Gender Science!

Initiating the process

We have a system for having our articles peer-reviewed by other website contributors. Simply join the discord server and navigate to the #wiki-related channel. There you can simply post a message in the following format:

@contributors please review: <link to article you want reviewed>

  • Hopefully some of our contributors will see your message and be able to offer some corrections and otherwise polish the article aesthetically.
  • Keep in mind though that our contributors may be busy with other things or not feel personally qualified enough to help, and thus you may not get an immediate response.
  • Nonetheless we encourage all contributors to submit new articles to our peer-review process to maintain the overall quality of our content.

Formatting unreviewed articles

In the meantime while you wait for your article to be reviewed please add the following to your article:

  • An {{unreviewed}} banner near the top of the article to make it easier for contributors to find and review it, and alert visitors that it is still awaiting peer review:

Unreviewed Article

This article hasn't yet been peer reviewed by the site's contributors, as such it may be more likely to contain mistakes and/or inaccurate information.
If you wish to learn more about this process the please visit the article on our peer review system. ❤

Reformatting reviewed articles

To review an article a contributor should double check everything; spelling, citations, formatting, ect. Making sure it follows our Editing guide, and then if nobody objects the {{unreviewed}} banner can be removed and a [[category:reviewed]] tag can be added.