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  • added featured papers section
  • increased button size on main page panels
  • fixed glitch that happened when all panels in a column were compressed
  • worked on transcluding some panels from the featured articles lili listed
  • enabled extension for embedding youtube videos
  • brainstormed with lili about several subjects
    • featured paper section
    • how best to acknowledge developments in medical understanding, especially those which are commonly and potentially dangerously misunderstood -without mentioning them in a way which will cause people to be aware of the myths and fall into subcultures perpetuating the misunderstandings due to misplaced skepticism.
      • relegating development timelines to a labeled subsection of the page at most, making sure that the majority of the page is only the up to date information.
      • having a specific page to focus on debunking common misunderstandings making sure to optimize it's wording so that it is likely to be picked up by search engines when peoples are researching the myth. (but keeping this separate from the main articles on the subject.
    • implementing some public outreach mechanism for gathering experience reports or survey submissions, to get anonymous data on several subjects to preform our own large scale sample studies. By counter-referencing large amounts of submissions we can gain insight in ways in which the samples correlate.
-bloodwork histories
-experiences with medical workers (satisfaction rating)
-social experiences (satisfaction rating)
-geographic location
-lists of medications
-effect timelines