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This page is for planning the youtube channel.


Videos are grouped into series depending on their common content types, they exist as playlists, tags on the videos, in the video titles, and on the title cards at the start of the video

Mad Science Hypothesis'

Discussing mad science ideas for potential areas of research that may advance the current limits of trans and intersex healthcare.

Investigating Common Myths

Taking a look at common myths surrounding the experiences of transgender and intersex people, to analyze them under a critical and evidence-based lens.

The Underlying Biology

Attempting to explain the significance of various biological mechanisms and processes in the context of transgender and intersex experiences.

Standard video format


logo animation
animated, high res version of wiki logo
theme music
(song up for discussion), voice says channel name, subtitles read the channel name, and it appears on the video


series opening
logo for the series based on portal logo on main page site
  • "Mad Gender Science" logo for "Mad Science Hypothesis'"
  • "Library" logo for "Investigating Common Myths"
  • "Gender Science" logo for "The Underlying Biology"
Voice says series name, subtitles read the series name, and it appears on the video
Voice says a quick overview of the series purpose, subtitles echo.
title screen
simple layout, possibly a screen cap of creating an article of the same name on mediawiki software
Voice says episode name, subtitles read the episode name, and it appears on the video
Voice says a quick summary of the series contents, subtitles echo.


Topics sorted by name of video

  • How does Lupron work? (Intro to GnRH blockers and hormone receptors)
  • The basics of sex hormones
  • First puberty blues (explaining first puberty?)
  • Safe binding, gaffing, etc., practices
  • Explaining second puberty
  • Something more complicated about hormones?
  • Estrogen receptors
  • Experimental regimens series(?)
  • Natural transition: dangers, myths, and best practice
  • Something about being safe on DIY?